MLA Members Awarded ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowships

The Modern Language Association congratulates the four MLA members who were awarded American Council of Learned Societies Collaborative Research Fellowships in 2018. Their various projects include a coauthored book on Transylvania’s geopolitics and a Web site and art exhibition on how power and privilege influence data science and visualization.

Anca Parvulescu, Washington University in St. Louis
Project title: Comparatizing Transylvania: Rurality, Inter-Imperiality, and the Global Modernist Market

Lauren Klein, Georgia Institute of Technology
Project title: Data Feminism

Lisa Voigt, Ohio State University, Columbus
Project title: The Epistemology of the Copy in Early Modern Travel Narratives

Stephanie LeMenager, University of Oregon
Project title: To Speak of Common Places: A People’s History of Oregon’s Public Lands

Herbert Lindenberger, Former President of the MLA, 1929–2018

The MLA is deeply saddened by the recent passing of Herbert Lindenberger, who served as president of the MLA in 1997. An accomplished teacher and scholar, Lindenberger published on a variety of topics, including historical drama, opera, critical theory, aesthetics, and the Holocaust. Before founding Stanford University’s comparative literature program in 1969, he taught at the University of California, Riverside, and at Washington University in St. Louis. Lindenberger committed eleven years of service to the MLA as a member of several committees, including the PMLA Editorial Board, the Committee on Professional Employment, and the Committee on Amendments to the Constitution. He also served as an MLA trustee from 2002 to 2014.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Earlier this year, the Executive Council forwarded a proposal for constitutional amendments to the Committee on Amendments to the Constitution. The amendments clarify the scope and force of resolutions and motions and make changes to the association’s resolutions process. The next step in the amendment process is for the Delegate Assembly to consider the proposed amendments at its meeting during the January 2019 convention in Chicago. The official notice of the proposed amendments, including the texts of the amendments, has now been posted on the Web site.

Travel Grants for the 2019 MLA Convention

The MLA offers $400 grants to help cover expenses for travel to the MLA convention, which will be held in Chicago from 3 to 6 January 2019. Non-tenure-track members, unemployed members, and members living abroad who were members during the previous year may apply for financial assistance. Graduate students who join the MLA by 30 November are also eligible but must be members before applying for travel grants. For more information and to apply online, visit the MLA Web site. The deadline for applications is 1 December 2018. If you have questions, write to Annie Reiser at

Travel grants are supported by contributions to the Professional Education Assistance Fund and the Good Neighbor Fund. Please consider making a donation to help those who need assistance; your contribution is tax-deductible.

Free Dossier Account Available through the JIL and Interfolio

Job seekers can now create a free Interfolio Dossier account and apply for positions directly from advertisements in the MLA Job Information List (JIL). You can send application materials, including writing samples and letters of recommendation, through your Dossier account, at no cost to advertisers who use the Interfolio Faculty Search management platform.

MLA members can activate their free Dossier account by logging in with their username and password, while nonmembers can obtain access by creating a free JIL account or by visiting InterfolioJIL users also receive a ten percent discount on the annual fee for a Dossier Deliver subscription, which allows you to send application materials to career opportunities anywhere. A yearly Dossier Deliver subscription includes fifty deliveries (a single delivery can include multiple documents).

Deadline for Submitting Delegate Assembly Proposals

Motions and regular resolutions that the Delegate Assembly will consider at its next meeting, which will take place during the 2019 MLA Annual Convention in Chicago, must be submitted by 1 October of this year. The assembly’s Web page provides information about placing an item on the agenda for the meeting as well as links to several resources about motions and resolutions. Questions about submitting a motion or a resolution may be directed to the coordinator of governance (

Contribute to a New MLA Volume

You are invited to submit essay proposals for a new nonseries volume in development, Teaching Literature and Writing in Prisons, edited by Sheila Smith McKoy and Patrick Elliot Alexander. The essays in this volume seek to examine the teaching practices that animate literary learning communities in contemporary prisons in the United States. The editors invite contributions that explore the power and historical significance of literary studies and writing for incarcerated adults and children. Proposals must be submitted to the editors by 15 November 2018.

You are also invited to submit essay proposals for a new volume in development in the Options for Teaching series, Teaching Postcolonial Environmental Literature and Media, edited by Cajetan Iheka. Proposals must be submitted to the editor by 30 November 2018.

The MLA Partners with Ithaka S+R on Humanities Research Study

The MLA will be partnering with Ithaka S+R on its next Research Support Services program study to learn more about research needs in the disciplines of literature, cultural studies, and writing studies in the United States. We want to understand how you conduct your research so that we can better support your work. Beginning in late fall, MLA staff members, as well as librarians from up to fifteen academic institutions, will be interviewing faculty members who conduct research in these areas. If you are contacted for an interview, we would greatly appreciate your participation. Your input will help the MLA, academic libraries, and other information providers to better serve the needs of the research community. We look forward to sharing the results of this collaboration in fall 2019.

Select Your Primary Forum Affiliations

Get the most out of your MLA membership by selecting up to five primary forum affiliations. Forums bring together MLA members with similar scholarly and professional interests. There are over 150 forums in nine categories for you to choose from, such as Francophone Literature, Digital Humanities, History and Theory of Composition, Visual Culture, Law and the Humanities, and many more. Whatever your intellectual interests, you will find at least one group of like-minded colleagues. And remember to choose your primary forum affiliations by 15 October so that you can vote in forum executive committee elections and forum delegate elections this fall.

Nominations for the 2019 Forum Executive Committee Elections

When the executive committees of the MLA’s forums meet during the January 2019 convention in Chicago, they will take up the matter of nominations for the executive committee elections that will be held in fall 2019. Though the executive committees are responsible for making nominations, each committee is required to nominate at least one candidate who has been suggested by the wider MLA membership (unless there are too few suggestions). Members are therefore encouraged to submit suggestions for the 2019 forum executive committee elections by filling out a brief suggestion form. Suggestions received by 17 December 2018 will be forwarded to the executive committees in time for their convention meetings.