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New Essays in Literary Studies in the Digital Age

Two new essays join Literary Studies in the Digital Age, the MLA’s first born-digital, publicly available anthology. Matthias Bauer and Angelika Zirker’s “Whipping Boys Explained: Literary Annotation and Digital Humanities” and Gabriel Hankins’s “Correspondence: Theory, Practice, and Horizons” familiarize readers with tools, techniques, and processes used in digital literary studies. The editors invite your participation in… Read more »

Winter 2015 Newsletter Now Online

The Winter 2015 MLA Newsletter is now available online. Read the issue for information about the Austin convention, Roland Greene’s president’s column on the public work of interpretation, Rosemary G. Feal’s editor’s column on the challenges facing the Commission on Language Learning, and a report on the 2014–15 Job Information List.

Suggested Reading: March PMLA

Recently mailed to MLA members, the March 2015 issue of PMLA features six regular essays; a Changing Profession cluster, “The Semipublic Intellectual: Academia, Criticism, and the Internet Age”; a Theories and Methodologies cluster, “Reframing Postcolonial and Global Studies in the Longer Durée”; a tribute to the former PMLA editor Patsy Yaeger; and more. Library access is available… Read more »

Special Convention Issue of MLA Newsletter Now Available

The Fall MLA Newsletter, a special issue dedicated to the 2016 convention in Austin, is now available to members. The issue features information about the presidential theme, including session highlights; a preview of what’s new about the 2016 convention; suggestions for things to do in Austin; and much more.

Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities Available for Open Review

The editors of Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments, a new MLA publication in development on the Commons, invite your participation in the open peer review of the project. Each entry in this collection focuses on a keyword in the practice of digital pedagogy (ranging from “queer” to “interface” to “professionalization”), which is… Read more »

Summer Newsletter Highlights

Members can now read the Summer issue of the MLA Newsletter online. In addition to a president’s column about the future of the association and an editor’s column featuring guest commentaries about the #Ferguson2MLA action in Vancouver, the issue includes the nominees for 2015 elections and an invitation to suggest PMLA editor candidates.

Spring Newsletter Available Online

The Spring issue of the MLA Newsletter is now available online. Included in this issue are articles on the results of the 2014 elections and the winners of MLA prizes, a president’s column on the MLA as a scholarly association and an advocacy association, and an editor’s column about tracking the career paths of recent… Read more »

New Essays Published in Profession

Essays from the 2014 convention session “Public Humanities,” linked to the Presidential Forum, have now been published in Profession. The six essays—by Matti Bunzl, James Chandler, Julie Ellison, Farah Jasmine Griffin, Jean Howard, and Laura Wexler—ask what public humanities means and consider how scholars can create a public face for the humanities in vulnerable times. Also… Read more »

Winter Newsletter Now Available

Members can now read the latest issue of the MLA Newsletter online.  Featured in the Winter issue are a profile of Rolena Adorno, winner of the Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement; the report on the 2013–14 MLA Job Information List; a president’s column on tensions between the campus as an open forum and as a… Read more »

Essays on the Vulnerability of Language Published in Profession

Continuing a yearlong series, four presentations from the 2014 convention session “The Politics of Language in Vulnerable Times” have now been published in Profession, the MLA’s journal devoted to the fields of modern languages and literatures as a profession. Featuring contributions by Suresh Canagarajah; Mary Louise Pratt; Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak; and Guadalupe Valdés, Luis Poza, and… Read more »