MLA Announces Inaugural Group of Edward Guiliano Fellows

The MLA today announced it is awarding the association’s inaugural Edward Guiliano Global Fellowships to thirteen PhD students and candidates in MLA-related disciplines. The fellowships provide up to $2,000 to support travel and research related to the completion of a dissertation, generation of a publishable peer-edited journal essay, or production of other publishable outcomes. The awards also support transformative experiential-learning experiences for humanities PhDs interested in careers outside academia. “We’re so pleased that the generosity of Edward and Mireille Guiliano is enabling us to extend our support for humanities graduate students in these ways,” said Paula M. Krebs, the executive director of the MLA. “The fellowships will foster ambitious research and will also encourage career exploration for doctoral students. They reinforce the MLA’s commitment to supporting the wide range of options available to graduate students in the humanities.”

The recipients of the Edward Guiliano Global Fellowships will be honored on 5 January 2024 during the MLA Annual Convention, to be held in Philadelphia. The selection committee members were Esther Allen (Baruch Coll., City Univ. of New York), Daniel Fried (Univ. of Alberta), Genelle Gertz (Washington and Lee Univ.), Stephen Knadler (Spelman Coll.), Barbara Kosta (Univ. of Arizona, Tucson), and Tina Lu (Yale Univ.).

The recipients of the Edward Guiliano Global Fellowships and their project titles are:

  • Sonia Adams (St. John’s Univ.) – “Cultivating Literary Excellence: The Phillis Wheatley Poetry Festival as a Learner-Centered Education Model for Orienting Black Diasporic Feminist Literature”
  • Ananya Bhardwaj (George Washington Univ.) – “‘Country Roads, Take Me Home / To the Place I Belong’: Finding Home on a Burning Planet for East Indians and Bangladeshi Immigrants in Italy”
  • Rohit Chakraborty (Emory Univ.) – “Hindoo Holiday: New York Public Library”
  • Marc Dadigan (Univ. of California, Davis) – “Listening to Lendada Nur (Ancient, All-Knowing Salmon): A Linguistic Indigenous History of the First Pacific Coast Salmon Hatchery”
  • Shaibal Dev Roy (Univ. of Southern California) – “Anticolonial Readership and Affinity between the Nineteenth-Century US and India”
  • Natalie El-Eid (Syracuse Univ.) – “Druze Afterlives: Between Bodies and Borders”
  • Marisol Fila (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor) – “Content and Form: The Black Press and Articulations of Blackness in Twenty-First-Century Buenos Aires and São Paulo”
  • Aned Ladino (Georgetown Univ.) – “Afro-Andean and Diasporic Oral Feminisms: Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador”
  • Maria Litvan (Graduate Center, City Univ. of New York) – “Ciro Rodriguez and the Clan Choñik: On the Presence of Absence”
  • Bria Paige (Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick) – “The (Im)Possibility: Exploring Sherley Anne Williams’s Dessa Rose and the Critical-Creative Method of Invention”
  • Haider Shahbaz (Univ. of California, Los Angeles) – “Anticolonial Relation: Afro-Asian Solidarity in Urdu Magazines, 1930–1990”
  • Benjamin Williams (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) – “Mediating Documentation: Race, Affective Governance, and the US-Mexico Border”
  • Amal Zaman (Fordham Univ.) – “Minor Figures: South Asian Femininities as Global Form”

The Edward Guiliano Global Fellowship is supported by a fund established by Edward and Mireille Guiliano. The fellowship is designed to encourage graduate students in languages, literatures, and related fields to pursue transformative experiences by exploring research and learning opportunities beyond their immediate community. “We established this fellowship to help eliminate some of the barriers that prevent students from undertaking the research they are passionate about and to give them formative experiences that expand their world view,” said Edward Guiliano. “We want to encourage our fellows to have the confidence to step outside their comfort zones.”

About Edward and Mireille Guiliano

Edward Guiliano received his bachelor’s degree from Brown University and his master’s and doctoral degrees from Stony Brook University. He joined the faculty at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in 1974 as an English instructor prior to finishing his PhD. In 2000, he became president of NYIT and served until early 2017. Mireille Guiliano completed her bachelor’s degree at Sorbonne Nouvelle and holds the French equivalent of a master’s degree in English and German. She is known for her writing (including her international bestseller French Women Don’t Get Fat) and her business endeavors, including her leadership roles with LVMH.