MLA Members Receive 2023 Guggenheim Fellowships

Congratulations to the eight MLA members among the winners of the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowships announced in April 2023. Many fellows’ projects directly respond to issues like the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, democracy and policing, scientific innovation, climate change, and identity. Noting the impact of these annual grants, Edward Hirsch, president of the Guggenheim Foundation, said, “The new class of fellows has followed their calling to enhance all of our lives, to provide greater human knowledge and deeper understanding. We’re lucky to look to them to bring us into the future.”


Michael Berry, University of California, Los Angeles

Field of study: Translation

Stefani Engelstein, Duke University

Field of study: European and Latin American Literature

Gretchen H. Gerzina, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Field of study: Intellectual and Cultural History

Petra Kuppers, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Field of study: Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

Heather Love, University of Pennsylvania

Field of study: Literary Criticism

Deborah Lutz, University of Louisville

Field of study: English Literature

Tanya Pollard, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Field of study: Early Modern Studies

Michael Rothberg, University of California, Los Angeles

Field of study: Literary Criticism