MLA Members Receive 2021 Guggenheim Fellowships

Congratulations to the seven MLA members among the winners of the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowships announced in April 2021. The projects recognized include Eavesdropping: The Poetry of Blind Listening; migrant testimony, aesthetics, and resistance in the current European refugee crisis; and Islamic jurisprudence and culture in the crypto-Muslim communities of early modern Spain and Portugal.


Vincent Barletta, Stanford University
Field of study: Medieval and Renaissance History

Tarek El-Ariss, Dartmouth College
Field of study: Literary Criticism

John S. Garrison, Grinnell College
Field of study: English Literature

Stephen Kuusisto, Syracuse University
Field of study: Poetry

Tracie Morris, University of Iowa
Field of study: Poetry

Laura Otis, Emory University
Field of study: English Literature

Debarati Sanyal, University of California, Berkeley
Field of study: European and Latin American Literature