Suggestions Invited for PMLA Editor

The MLA is seeking a new editor of its flagship journal, PMLA. The term of the current editor, Wai Chee Dimock, ends in June 2021, and the new editor’s term, a three-year appointment, would begin 1 July 2021. Responsibilities include reviewing submissions, leading meetings of the editorial board, writing an editor’s column and selecting the content for each issue, and commissioning material and updating features and formats for the journal. The MLA offers the editor significant support from the staff, as well as resources for networking on behalf of the journal, including participation at the association’s annual convention.


The ideal candidate has a capacious intellectual vision and is conversant with developments in a wide range of fields. PMLA is a membership journal, and it is vital that the diversity of MLA members and their work be represented in the journal.

The editor should be able to work innovatively within the structures of the MLA and PMLA and to communicate and collaborate well with staff members and authors.

The editor must be a member of the MLA and preferably have had some experience with PMLA (as an author, a reviewer, or a member of the advisory committee or editorial board) or substantial editorial experience with another peer-reviewed scholarly journal in the field.

Please send your suggestions, along with background information on the people you suggest, to by 22 July 2020.