Results of 2018 Ratification Vote

Voting on the 2018 ratification ballot concluded at midnight (EDT) on 1 June. Members ratified the 2018 Delegate Assembly’s approval of two constitutional amendments. One amendment changes the composition of the association’s board of trustees, provides for different term lengths, includes term limits, and eliminates references to restricted funds and budget accounts that no longer exist; the other ensures representation for community college faculty members on the Executive Council. Support for the amendments ranged from 96% to 98% of the members who voted in that section of the ballot. The amendments have been incorporated into the text of the constitution at the Web site.

Emergency Resolution 2018-2, which called on the MLA to condemn a Trump administration executive order prohibiting entry into the United States by citizens of several Muslim-majority countries as well as other government efforts “to target demographic groups on the basis of religion, race, or nationality,” was not ratified by the membership and therefore does not represent a position taken by the MLA. Resolutions forwarded to the membership must be ratified by a majority vote in which the number of those voting for ratification equals at least 10% of the association’s membership. This year 1,832 votes were required for ratification. There were 1,122 votes in favor of ratification and 134 votes against ratification. The resolution fell short of ratification by 710 votes.