MLA Members Receive 2018 Guggenheim Award

Congratulations to the six MLA members among the winners of the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowships announced in April 2018. The projects recognized include a study of structural ontology, early-nineteenth-century female literary celebrities, the social upheaval and transformation in early-twentieth-century emergent black ghettos, medieval text technologies, and English translations of two Argentine novels.


Esther Allen, Baruch College, City University of New York
Field of Study: Translation

Edward Dimendberg, University of California, Irvine
Field of Study: Architecture, Planning, and Design

Saidiya Hartman, Columbia University
Field of Study: Intellectual and Cultural History

Eleanor Kaufman, University of California, Los Angeles
Field of Study: European and Latin American Literature

Devoney Looser, Arizona State University
Field of Study: English Literature

Michelle R. Warren, Dartmouth College
Field of Study: Medieval and Renaissance Literature