Monthly Archives: May 2017

Executive Council Opposes Proposed Stony Brook Cuts

In a letter to leaders at Stony Brook University, State University of New York, the MLA Executive Council expressed deep concern about the proposed cutbacks to several humanities programs at the university. Threatened with dissolution or resizing are the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature and the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, and undergraduate majors in… Read more »

2017 Ratification Ballot Awaits Members’ Attention

Final adoption of the constitutional amendments and the resolutions approved by the Delegate Assembly at its January 2017 meeting depends on the vote of the membership. The online ratification ballot will be available at the MLA Web site for only two more weeks. All members in good standing as of 17 April who were also members… Read more »

Help Shape Literary Studies in the Digital Age Anthology

A new draft essay has been selected for open review in Literary Studies in the Digital Age, the MLA’s first born-digital, publicly available anthology. The anthology’s editors invite you to comment on Davin Heckman and James O’Sullivan’s “Electronic Literature: Contexts and Poetics.” The editors may then ask the authors to review their work in the light… Read more »