Executive Council Statement about MLA Resolutions

As commenting opens on two resolutions approved by the Delegate Assembly in January, the MLA Executive Council has issued a statement about the resolution process. At its February meeting the council reviewed the resolutions for any constitutional, legal, or fiduciary issues posed by the resolutions’ language and voted to forward the resolutions to the membership for a vote. Nevertheless, the Executive Council and the Delegate Assembly Organizing Committee (DAOC) recognize “that the current resolution process has begun to take up far more than a reasonable share of the organization’s resources, putting an undue burden on the MLA staff as well as on the members who volunteer their time to represent their colleagues on the Delegate Assembly, the DAOC, and the Executive Council.” In response, the council has established an ad hoc committee to examine the resolution process and the ways the MLA might speak out about matters of concern to members. Read the full council statement on the Executive Council blog.