Monthly Archives: December 2015

2017 Presidential Theme: Boundary Conditions

Kwame Anthony Appiah, the 2017 MLA president, has chosen Boundary Conditions as the presidential theme for the 2017 convention, which will be held in Philadelphia. Boundary conditions are, for mathematicians, the parameters that define the space in which one seeks solutions. So the theme offers, first, an invitation to reflect together on the parameters that… Read more »

Wai Chee Dimock Named PMLA Editor

At its October meeting, the MLA Executive Council appointed Wai Chee Dimock, William Lampson Professor of English and American Studies at Yale University, to serve as the next editor of PMLA. Her term begins in July 2016 and runs for three years. She will succeed Simon Gikandi, who has been editor since July 2011. Dimock has… Read more »

New Essays in Literary Studies in the Digital Age

Two new essays join Literary Studies in the Digital Age, the MLA’s first born-digital, publicly available anthology. Matthias Bauer and Angelika Zirker’s “Whipping Boys Explained: Literary Annotation and Digital Humanities” and Gabriel Hankins’s “Correspondence: Theory, Practice, and Horizons” familiarize readers with tools, techniques, and processes used in digital literary studies. The editors invite your participation in… Read more »

2016 Mobile Program and Convention Guide

Planning your time in Austin? Both the 2016 mobile Program and the Convention Guide offer quick information about on-site convention resources and floor plans for meeting venues. Visit on your smartphone or tablet to search or browse convention sessions and events. You can even save sessions to a personalized list. The mobile Program can be browsed off-line and is updated… Read more »

Make Your Executive Committee Suggestions Now

This year’s elections may be over, but there is still time for members to make suggestions for the executive committee elections to be held in 2016. Serving on an executive committee is an excellent way for members to become more involved in association activities, to create exciting programming for the annual convention, and to work… Read more »

Only One Week Left to Vote in the 2015 MLA Elections

The deadline for submitting the online ballot (member log-in required) covering this year’s elections for second vice president, the Executive Council, the Delegate Assembly, and the convention forum executive committees is only one week away. Voting will close next Thursday, 10 December, at midnight (EST). All 2015 members are eligible to vote. Let your voice… Read more »

Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities Available for Open Review

The editors of Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments, Rebecca Frost Davis, Matthew K. Gold, Katherine D. Harris, and Jentery Sayers, invite you to participate in the open peer-review process of the anthology’s second set of curated keywords by 18 January 2016. Each entry in the collection focuses on a keyword in the practice of digital pedagogy (ranging from “race” to… Read more »

Suggesting Members for Committee Appointments

When the Executive Council meets in February 2016, it will make appointments to seventeen standing committees of the association. Through 8 February, these committees and the outgoing committee members will be listed on the committee suggestion page. To suggest yourself or another member of the association, respond to the three prompts on the suggestion page… Read more »

2015 Prizewinners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 MLA publication prize competitions. The publication prizes will be awarded in a ceremony on 9 January at the 2016 MLA Annual Convention in Austin. The ceremony is open to the public and will be followed by a reception.

Contribute to an MLA Volume on Teaching Jewish American Literature

The volume Teaching Jewish American Literature, edited by Roberta Rosenberg and Rachel Rubinstein, is now in development in the MLA Options for Teaching series. To learn more about the volume and how to propose an essay, please visit the MLA Web site. Abstracts and CVs are due to the editors by 15 February 2016.