Suggest Candidates for PMLA Editor by 15 July

The term of the current editor of PMLA, Simon Gikandi, ends in June 2016, and MLA members are invited to suggest candidates to serve as the next editor of the journal. The Executive Council subcommittee leading the search is seeking candidates who possess

  • a wide range of intellectual interests, including a commitment to a variety of scholarly approaches and an understanding of more than one language;
  • an awareness of contemporary literary scholarship and critical methods and an openness to new technologies and methodologies;
  • an ability to work within the structure of the MLA and PMLA, including a commitment to the principles guiding current editorial policy and a recognition of the journal as the organ of a large membership organization reflecting diverse scholarly and critical views;
  • past experience with PMLA (as author, referee, Advisory Committee member, or Editorial Board member) or substantial editorial experience with another scholarly journal in the field.

To suggest candidates, please send information about their scholarly credentials and editorial experience to Judy Goulding by 15 July 2015.