Candidates for 2015 Elections Announced

The 2015 Nominating Committee has nominated Michael F. Bernard-Donals, Anne Ruggles Gere, and Keith Gilyard for second vice president of the MLA and Lenora Hanson, Steffen Kaupp, Amanda Licastro, John B. Lyon, David Pan, Daniel Powell, and Rafael A. Ramirez Mendoza for the MLA Executive Council. The 2015 Elections Committee has arranged contests to fill seventeen special-interest and thirty-five regional seats in the Delegate Assembly. Background information on the candidates for second vice president and the Executive Council and the names and affiliations of the Delegate Assembly candidates are now available online. If you’d like to propose an additional candidate for any of these positions, please see the procedures for filing petitions described in articles 6.E, 8.A.2, and 10.E of the MLA constitution. Petitions must reach the executive director before 1 July 2015.