Update on New Forum Structure

The next phase of development for the new forum structure approved by the Executive Council is under way. The Program Committee is evaluating those prospective forums that obtained at least thirty-five signatures and five leadership volunteers by 15 June. Though that deadline has passed, members are encouraged to continue to join groups of interest and voice support by signing the petition and volunteering. Support for prospective forums will be evaluated periodically.


Thomas Lawrence Long

This announcement could use an update since at least some new forum advocates have already been contacted and invited to submit a formal proposal. (I arrived at this link today, 23 July 2014, from the link provided in an MLA email blast update today.)

Anna Chang

Professor Long, Thank you for comment, and I’m sorry if there was ambiguity in the post. Volunteers from prospective forums that met the requirements have indeed been invited to submit formal proposals and the Program Committee will be evaluating those proposals.

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