New MLA Forum Structure

The MLA Executive Council has approved a proposal for a new division and discussion group structure starting with the 2016 convention. Developed in consultation with members, committees, and the Delegate Assembly, the new structure is the first revision to the intellectual structure of the association since 1974. Under the new structure, all divisions and discussion groups will be known as forums, and forums will be grouped into nine categories. To learn more about the changes, please read a letter by Margaret W. Ferguson and Marianne Hirsch and then view the full list of forums. If you would like to support the creation of one of the prospective forums approved by the council, you may read the instructions for establishing new forums, join the prospective forum’s MLA Commons group, sign the petition in favor of its creation, and volunteer as a leader of the forum.


Melek Ortabasi

Hello everyone,

As the Chair of the Division of East Asian Literatures after 1900, I’d like to appeal to the general membership for their support of additional prospective forums in Asian Literatures. There are five proposed, and those with an interest in these various linguistic traditions should sign the petitions:

LLC Japanese to 1900
LLC Japanese since 1900
LLC Pre-14th-Century Chinese
LLC Ming and Qing Chinese
LLC Modern and Contemporary Chinese

We are working hard to bring more linguistic diversity to the MLA, and these prospective forums are certainly a step in the right direction. Please help us make sure they become formally established!

Thank you for your support!
Melek Ortabasi
Associate Professor
World Literature Program
Simon Fraser University

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