Help Shape Cultural Excursions for the 2015 Convention

Are you interested in participating in MLA-sponsored excursions during the 2015 MLA Annual Convention in Vancouver? If so, let us know which of these categories of excursions would appeal to you: art galleries or museums, libraries, science or natural history museums, food and wine tastings, architecture tours. Post your preferences by using the Leave a Reply button below or by sending an e-mail to Stacey Courtney. We thank you for your feedback and look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!


Crystal Anne Chemris

Why not plan an excursion to the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia? This is the link:

Apparently the coastal natural surroundings of the museum are themselves quite beautiful, as is the indigenous art. Because it is further out, it is not as easy to access independently, so it may make a nice group activity.

Many thanks.

Joseph Ferrerosa

Gardens and a trip on the water to see either Washington or just get a glimpse of the town! Thank you!

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