Deadline to Comment on MLA Groups Proposal

The deadline to add your comments to the draft proposal for a new MLA groups structure is 20 November. Member feedback is invaluable for the working group that created the draft, for the Program Committee, and for the Executive Council. Log in to help shape the revised proposal that will be presented for further debate at the Open Hearing on the Future of the MLA Divisions and Discussion Groups and the meeting of the MLA Delegate Assembly in Chicago.



gordon hutner

When reshaping American literary studies, it will be important to divide it according to a schema that helps keep the historical vision of the field coherent. May I suggest:

Early American–as it is currently constituted.
1970–the present

Katina Rogers

Thank you for reflecting on the proposed new group structure. Please take a moment to add your comment to the draft proposal itself so that your feedback becomes part of the conversation and the official record. Instructions on how to add a comment to the proposal are available here. If you would like additional help, please contact us at Thanks again for participating!

Satish C. Aikant

The draft proposals are commendable. I must congratulate the MLA for the initiative. The Global South should be given the recognition it deserves to address the concerns of those inhabiting the countries like India with rich literary and cultural traditions.

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