New post on The Trend examines the study “Are Tenure Track Professors Better Teachers?”

In a new post on The Trend, the MLA’s director of research, David Laurence, considers implications of a recent study from Northwestern University examining teaching outcomes among full-time tenure-track and non-tenure-track instructors. Recognizing the polemical uses to which the study’s results could be put, Laurence cautions readers about the ways coverage of the study may misinterpret or misrepresent the data to support unwarranted conclusions. Laurence also notes that the status and labor conditions of non-tenure-track instructors at Northwestern do not reflect the typical adjunct experience at most institutions of higher education in the United States.

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I was rather offended by a recent article in another higher learning site. It suggested that students learn better from adjuncts. I am an adjunct right now and I really don’t think that could be true because adjuncts do not have full- time employment with benefits that everyone knows are necessary in this economy. I would hate for administrators to use that study as an excuse to hire more adjuncts instead of making more people full- time.

In fact, it is rather unjust for many institutions of hiring learning to use as many adjuncts as they do.

Please, do the right thing. Hire more people full-time. It is unethical to overuse adjuncts.

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