Comment on Two Delegate Assembly Resolutions

At its meeting on 5 January 2013 in Boston, the Delegate Assembly approved two resolutions that are subject to ratification by the MLA membership. Before the ratification vote is conducted, 2013 MLA members are invited to comment on the resolutions on the MLA Web site (log-in required) until 5:00 p.m. (EDT) on 15 October.


Jack G Wasserman

I am a proud card-carrying member of MLA , a resident of New York City, and a member of the New York Bar. I oppose the resolution since what is CUNY’s Administration to do in the face of the statutory authority vesting curriculum matters in the hands of CUNY’s Board of Trustees? The real effort must be to persuade the CUNY Board or by changing the Board through resort to the ballot box in next year’s state-wide elections. What will be accomplished by a self-serving resolution based on an assertion which presents no underlying facts identifying the harm flowing from CUNY’s actions other than annoying CUNY’s Administration and Board?

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