Candidates for 2013 MLA Elections

The 2013 Nominating Committee has nominated Kwame Anthony Appiah, David J. Bartholomae, and Garrett Stewart for second vice president of the MLA and Douglas M. Armato, Brian Croxall, Morris E. Eaves, Margaret R. Higonnet, Anton Kaes, Tracy Denean Sharpley-Whiting, and Philip M. Weinstein for the MLA Executive Council. The 2013 Elections Committee has arranged contests to fill seventeen special-interest and thirty-eight regional seats in the Delegate Assembly. Background information on the candidates for second vice president and the Executive Council and the names and affiliations of the Delegate Assembly candidates are now available online. To propose an additional candidate for any of these positions, see the procedures for filing petitions described in articles 6.E, 8.A.2, and 10.E of the MLA constitution.

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M. Thomas Hester

What does IT TAKE to get nominated for one of these positions? With 11 book analyses of English literature; two Latin translations of books, 69 articles in literary journals, and over a 100 presentations at universities, I wonder what it takes to be recognized by our major journal in the profession. Just a questions–not intended to sound like “sour grapes” (they only make weak wine, which I hope is not confused in this case with sounding like my engaging in a weak whine.
Alumni Distinguished Professor
1972—tell death do us part

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