Future Conventions

The MLA is pleased to announce that in 2015 the MLA Annual Convention will be held for the first time in Vancouver, British Columbia, from 8 to 11 January. In January 2018, the meeting will return to New York City, where the first MLA convention was held, back in 1883. The locations for the 2016 and 2017 conventions have yet to be determined. We hope to see you at these meetings and in Chicago for the 2014 convention!


Sharon Kinoshita

While in principle I am glad to see the MLA visit Vancouver, I think the organization needs to be aware of potentially heightened expenses (airfares from the US to Canada being, in my limited experience, proportionately higher than for comparable distances within the US; the cost and work obtaining a passport for any potential attendees–especially graduate students–who may not have one).

Julie Rak

As someone who has to cross international borders and travel great distances to the MLA, thank you for agreeing to hold 2015 in Vancouver. I assure Sharon Kinoshita that there are cheap airfares for Americans who want to travel to Vancouver, because it is a tourist destination. Your dollar will go further too.

Lisa Vollendorf

Wonderful! Although it would be nice to have the MLA in a warmer place in January but Vancouver is a beautiful city.

jay halio

I am unable to applaud the new sites or anything else involved in the move to January for the annual convention. Some of us are committed to study abroad programs that occur in January, making it impossible for us to attend the MLA. As a life member I seriously regret the move to January but assume that the majority of members are well enough pleased. Is that assumption correct?

Erin Templeton

I share your unhappiness. My SLAC has a one month January intercession that makes attending the conference a serious inconvenience. Missing two days in January is the equivalent of a week of the long semester. I have been able to make it work so far but that’s because I have generous colleagues who have been willing to work with me and accommodate my absence. I much preferred the earlier dates, especially now that we are moving into mid-January due to the calendar and where New Years falls in the week.

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