Free MLA Job Information List to Launch This Month

The MLA Job Information List database will be available for searching on 13 September. Access to the database is free to all users. To search the list, users can log in with their MLA member credentials or create a nonmember log-in. The JIL database is updated weekly to make job listings available in a timely manner. Please visit the MLA Web site for more information about access to the JIL and for tips on searching.


Christopher Lupke

In this age when the Humanities are under siege, we need to do everything we can for those just joining the ranks of our labor force. The Free MLA JIL is therefore a salutary development.

Christopher Jon Delogu

It’s about time! Now catch up with insidehighered too and implement job alerts.

Monique Vescia

Delighted to hear this news. The annual fee was an additional hardship for those the joblist intends to serve.


I think this makes a lot of sense, especially for graduate students and those who are currently unemployed or underemployed.


This is a really positive development. It’s nice to see something to support job seekers in the Humanities!


Finally MLA is consistent with their support for the minorities and underprivileged. Hope they do the same for the job interviews at the annual convention. Still seems to me too hypocritical…

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